NO. Product Name Specification Approved
1 Amikacin sulphate USP/EP GMP+EDMF
2 Amphotercin B sterile USP GMP/EDMF
3 Aztreonam with arginine USP GMP/EDMF
4 Biapenem sterile Enterprise standard GMP/EDMF
5 Cefepime with arginine sterile USP GMP/EDMF
6 Cefminox sodium sterile Enterprise standard GMP
7 Cefoperazone sodium sterile Enterprise standard GMP
8 Ceftriaxone sodium sterile USP GMP+EDMF
9 Cefotaxime sodium sterile USP GMP+EDMF
10 Cefoxitin sodium Enterprise standard GMP
11 Ceftazidime sterile USP GMP
12 Ceftazidime sterile USP GMP
13 Cefuroxime sodium sterile USP/EP GMP/DMF
14 Ciclosporin USP FDA approved
15 Cilastatin sodium sterile USP/EP GMP+EDMF
16 Clindamycin hcl USP/EP FDA approved
17 Clindamycin phosphate USP/EP FDA approved
18 Faropenem Enterprise standard GMP
19 Imipenam monohydrate sterile USP/EP FDA approved
20 Imipenam and cilastatin blend sterile USP GMP+EDMF
21 Meropenam sterile with sodium carbonate sterile USP GMP+EDMF
22 Minocycline hcl USP/EP GMP+EDMF
23 Panipenem Enterprise standard TDP
24 Vancomycin hcl sterile USP/EP GMP+EDMF
Note: Products covered by patent in the country of destination will not be supplied to this country. However the final responsibility and risk lies with the buyer.