NO. Product Name Specification Approved
1 Anastrozole USP DMF
2 Bicalutamide USP FDA approved
3 Bleomycin sulphate USP FDA/COS approved
4 Capecitabine Enterprise standard GMP/EDMF
5 Carboplatin USP/EP GMP/EDMF
6 Cisplatin USP/EP GMP/EDMF
7 Cladribine USP FDA approved
8 Cyclophosphamide USP/EP FDA/COS approved
9 Cytarabine USP/EP FDA/COS approved
10 Dacarbazine USP GMP/EDMF
11 Dactinomycin USP FDA approved
12 Daunorubicin hcl USP/EP FDA approved
13 Docetaxel Enterprise standard GMP/EDMF
14 Doxorubicin hcl USP/EP DMF/COS approved
15 Epirubicin hcl EP DMF/COS approved
16 Floxuridine USP FDA approved
17 Etoposide USP FDA approved
18 Fluorouracil USP GMP/DMF
19 Fludarabine phosphate USP,EP FDA/COS approved
20 Fulvestrant Enterprise standard GMP/EDMF
21 Gemcitabine hcl EP FDA approved
22 Glufosfamide Enterprise standard GMP
23 Granisetron hcl USP, EP FDA/COS approved
24 Idarubicin hcl USP FDA approved
25 Ifosfamide USP FDA approved
26 Irinotecan hcl USP GMP+EDMF
27 Letrozole USP/ EP GMP+EDMF
28 Leucovorin calcium USP/EP FDA approved
29 Leuprolide acetate EP EDMF
30 Mesna EP GMP/FDA/EDMF approved
31 Methotrexate USP/EP COA approved
32 Mitomycin USP/EP FDA/COS approved
33 Octreotide acetate EP EDMF
34 Oxaliplatin EP COS approved
35 Paclitaxel USP EDMF
36 Pfirarubicin Enterprise standard TDP
37 Pemetrexed disodium Enterprise standard GMP/EDMF
38 Tamoxifen citrate USP,EP EDMF
39 Valrubicin Enterprise standard TDP
40 Vinblastine sulphate USP GMP+DMF
41 Vincristine sulphate USP,EP GMP+DMF
42 Vinorelbine tartrate USP,EP FDA/COS approved
Note: Products covered by patent in the country of destination will not be supplied to this country. However the final responsibility and risk lies with the buyer.